Chen Dongqing and Tang Chaoxiong Made Survey in Longyuan Power

发布时间:2016-05-24 作者:Liu Ying, Jiang Conglai 文章来源:Longyuan Power 【打印本页】 字号:【

On May 13, Chen Dongqing, the member of Leading Party Committee and General Manager of Guodian Tech, Tang Chaoxiong, the member of Leading Party Committee, Deputy General Manager and Chief Accountant, and their delegation made survey in Longyuan Power.

Chen Dongqing and the delegation visited old and new plants, production workshops, office building and test bed, and exchanged with technical leaders and employees of Longyuan Power. After having listened to the work report, Chen affirmed the achievement of Longyuan Power in the first quarter, and said, as a high and new technology company, talents are the greatest treasure of a company and foundation of development; Longyuan Power should further enhance the talent team construction. Aiming at further development, Chen emphasized that Longyuan Power should, firstly, solve current problems to make up deficits and increase surpluses; enlarge market expansion, strengthen management and cost control, increase income and reduce expenditure, play advantages of listed platform, and accelerate the use of excessive fund raised; secondly, consider long-term development and stick to sustainable development; strengthen technology research, development and innovation, work hard continuously targeting at market demand to form innovative technology, and strengthen prospective research and information collection; strengthen management and business mode innovation, and ceaselessly perfect system and mechanism to adapt to market change; thirdly, keep spirits and create a new glory of Longyuan Power. Longyuan Power shall carry out comprehensive analysis, formulate corresponding countermeasures, strengthen education for situations and tasks to all staffs, and increase the sense of urgency and crisis awareness of all staffs; cherish existing development platform, ceaselessly increase the sense of responsibility of employees as master, boost spirits, deeply dig potential, improve subjective initiative, and spare no efforts to devote to the career and create new glories.

Tang pointed out that, Longyuan Power shall further strengthen marketing, guarantee and strive for project signing rate inside and outside the group, and actively collect account receivable in time; strive to optimize human resource allocation, attach importance to talent team construction, and sufficiently mobilize the job enthusiasm of every employee; strengthen prospective research, and develop new technologies combining energy conservation and emission reduction policies in China; refine the profits increasing plan of the Company according to reality, and break down and sturdily implement job tasks.
Relevant persons in charge of Guodian Tech attended the survey.

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