[Xinhuanet] Guodian Zhishen: Double Reheating Helps Green Technology to Climb up to a New Stage

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Beijing, Jun 15, (Xinhuanet) - Scientific and technological innovation is the soft power of one country and the life of an enterprise. The international leading technology with proprietary intellectual property rights is undoubtedly the core competitiveness of enterprises. Beijing Guodian Zhishen Control Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Guodian Zhishen) owns such core competitiveness – domestic automatic control system (DCS). Guodian Zhishen is well-known in the industry for DCS technology innovation, and reported by media repeatedly, causing great influence on the industrial field.

In Changping, Beijing, where Guodian Zhishen locates, the responsible person and scientific research team of Guodian Zhishen starts explaining the history of the Company and its DCS technology innovation to media without excessive greetings.

Data shows the predecessor of Guodian Zhishen is the power plant automation research institute (Power Plant Automation Engineering Service Center, Beijing EPRI Zhishen Control Technology Co., Ltd.) subordinated to China Electric Power Research Institute and Guodian Beijing Longyuan Power Engineering Co., Ltd. In 1990s, it mainly provided domestic services for foreign automation products. The core technology has been restricted by foreign enterprises, and most economic benefits were earned by foreign manufacturers. In order to change the backward and passive situation, in May 2002, the GD Power Development Co., Ltd., subordinated to China Guodian Corporation, and China Electric Power Research Institute, subordinated to State Grid Corporation, jointly established Beijing Guodian Zhishen Control Technology Co., Ltd., which is known as a model for plant-grid of power system. In November 2004, in order to consolidate the subordinated high technology enterprises, China Guodian Corporation established Guodian Technology & Environment Group Corporation Limited. Since then, Guodian Zhishen became the subsidiary of Guodian Technology & Environment Group Corporation Limited. In restructuring and integration between the scientific research and industry of State Grid in 2012, Guodian Zhishen is divided to a subsidiary participating in State Grid Nari Group (State Grid Electric Power Research Institute). Since the beginning of 2014, Guodian Zhishen has become a high technology company participated by Guodian Technology & Environment Group Corporation Limited and State Grid Nari Group. Guodian Zhishen and its predecessor have devoted themselves to industrial automated products and technology research and development, engineering design and application for a long time. The EDPF-series distributed control system products and technology with fully independent property right are extensively applied to the important fields of thermal power, hydropower, nuclear power, clean energy, chemical engineering, coal mine, rail transit and urban heating, and Guodian Zhishen provides the overall full-life-cycle solution.

As introduced by the person in charge, since the systematic research and development in 1990s, EDPF-series products have experienced technology upgrade in 6 stages, including EDPF1000, 2000, 3000 and EDPF-NT, NT+, CP. Currently, the core technology of its control system has reached internationally leading level, and broke the monopoly of foreign products in high-end market for the first time. It successfully equips with “Chinese brain” for significant technological equipment to guarantee the operational safety of the national economic artery. The person in charge proudly enumerates main technical indexes of the EDPF-NT+ system and application technology as well as foreign automated control system. The technology is superior to similar foreign technologies and products in system processing scale, domain technology, soft measurement function, optimal operation control, full-stimulation and debugging technology, spare parts supply, as well as reliability, security and special function customization. At present, EDPF-series products have been applied to Southeast Asia, India and Africa. Guodian Zhishen is actively expanding other industrial fields in China and overseas market.

In the system functional test laboratory, hardware test laboratory, system integration debugging workshop, system analysis laboratory, power station operation control and simulation laboratory, the person in charge introduced the composition of the control system (DCS) and process of software/hardware functional test, system integration test and debugging, simulated test verification and on-site debugging process of project, one by one. In the power station operation control and simulation laboratory, the person in charge introduced the full-stimulation simulated system, Guodian Taizhou 2×1000MW double reheating ultra-supercritical unit, which is the first GW double reheating ultra supercritical unit in the world.
Among numerous application performances, the application performance of Guodian Zhishen in the field of thermal power automation is the most outstanding. Guodian Zhishen has successively broken foreign monopoly and made up domestic market blankness, and created multiple performances of “world first” and “first set in China”. Represented by successful application of domestic DCS to Guodian Taizhou 2×1000MW double reheating ultra-supercritical unit, which is the first GW double reheating ultra-supercritical unit in the world, the performances are impressive in the industry. It is known that the project is the implementing one of “1000MW double reheating ultra-supercritical unit control system key technology research and project demonstration”, an energy conservation and emission reduction national science and technology support plan topic for the “12th Five-year Plan” confirmed by Ministry of Science and Technology. The sub-project, “research and application of 1000MW double reheating ultra-supercritical unit control system (DCS), control technology and full-stimulation simulated platform” is undertaken by Guodian Zhishen. The first set of unit of the demonstrative project smoothly completed 168h full-load test run in September 2015. Till now, the unit has been operating safely for over 200 days, and truly realized successful application of DCS with domestic proprietary intellectual property rights to the first set of GW double reheating unit in the world. The indexes of the unit, such as power supply coal consumption (266.5g per KWH), power generation coal consumption (256.86g per KWH), station service power consumption rate (3.63%), dust emission concentration (2.3 mg/m3), sulfur oxide emission concentration (15 mg/m3) and nitrogen oxide emission concentration (31 mg/m3), are of internationally leading level, and can fully meet the latest environmental protection requirements of China.

As introduced by the person in charge, the core technology and scientific research system created diligently by the team are not only extensively applied and approved by the industry, but also have formed multiple scientific results and won several awards. However, the team of Guodian Tech is not satisfied, and keeps making new technological innovations and breakthroughs under the glory. Guodian Zhishen promotes new products and technologies, such as new EDPF-CP DCS with double-engine of DCS and PLC, ECS and thermal-technical integrated control system, national 863 key project, national sci-tech support plan subject, Beijing major scientific and technological and demonstration project, and engineering application technology innovation and breakthrough represented by double reheating control and simulation technology. In the industry, the technology highlight of Guodian Zhishen’s DCS applied to double reheating unit has been surrounded by media and become the new benchmark. The “world first GW double reheating ultra supercritical coal-power generation unit” has appeared in the “12th Five-year Plan China Key Science and Technology Achievement Exhibition”, and gained attention of Party and national leaders.

The technological influence and service standard of Guodian Zhishen are not limited in the industry. Relying on its powerful parent company, and 5 labs and 2 centers as resources and technical support, Guodian Zhishen will surely realize the ambition of “make industry and equipment more intelligent and green” in fields of power, new energy, chemical engineering, coal mine and urban heating, under the guidance of new development ideas.

We can see and feel, focusing on energy conservation and environmental protection task and taking a broad view of future, and with firm expression and vigorous confidence, more glories and difficulties will not be the cause for Guodian Zhishen to stop. Only ceaselessly technological innovation and optimal service are their firm pursuit.

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