Pakistan Client Visited Guodian Zhishen

发布时间:2016-06-20 作者:Xu Wenjun 文章来源:Guodian Zhishen 【打印本页】 字号:【

On June 17, on invitation of Guodian Zhishen, Mr. Hasan, Vice Executive President of Pakistan CSE and two representatives from Shaanxi Import & Export Trade Company, visited Guodian Zhishen.

Huang Huanpao, Deputy Secretary and Deputy General Manager of Guodian Zhishen, welcomed Pakistan client on behalf of the Company, and introduced technology and product advantages of the Company and overseas business. Huang wished both parties can establish partnership, and jointly promote and apply Guodian Zhishen products and technologies to Pakistan by mutual benefit and win-win cooperation mode. Both parties deeply discussed the specific cooperation mode. After the meeting, Pakistan party visited the laboratory and DCS integration and configuration debugging hall of Guodian Zhishen.

Pakistan is one country along the “One Belt, One Road” line. Thus, the visit of Pakistan client brings a new opportunity for Guodian Zhishen products and technologies to enter overseas market.

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