[China Electric Power News] Guodian Tech: Technological and Environmental Strategy Rises A New Tide of Coal-power Reform

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The CCTV News on June 3 made leaders and employees of China Guodian Corporation excited. On this day, the world first million-KW ultra supercritical double reheating coal-fired generator unit of China Guodian Corporation was put on display as the key project in energy industry in No. 12 Exhibition Hall at the China “12th Five-year Plan” Scientific and Technological Innovation Achievements Exhibition. Xi Jinping, the General Secretary of the Communist Party, President and Chairman of Central Military Commission of China, Yu Zhengsheng, member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau and Chairman of CPPCC, and Wang Qishan, member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau and Secretary of CPC Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, visited the exhibition hall of China Guodian Corporation respectively, knew about the project specifically and praised for it.

Actually, in many significant occasions in the first half year, the coal-fired power technology of China Guodian Corporation attracted extensive attention and gained praises as a bright benchmark in energy industry. In Lancang River-Mekong River National Cooperation Exhibition successfully held in Sanya, Hainan Province on March 23, the 19th China Chongqing International Investment and Global Sourcing Fair (CCISF) on May 19, and other multiple national-level exhibitions, forums and events with regard to energy industry and innovative fields, the coal-fired power reform under the technological and environmental strategy of China Guodian Corporation was especially striking.

This is a vigorous reform on coal-fired power development. The domestic automation control system (DCS) known as the “Chinese Brain” and control strategy make up the blankness of the optimal control technology such as the world first maximum capacity circulating fluidized bed unit, and the first 660MW full auxiliary engine single-row ultra supercritical unit of China, and are also applied to the world first GW double reheating unit. The plasma fuel-free ignition and stabilized combustion technology, the world first revolutionary ignition method which is applied to power station boiler with a large scale, ends the history of fuel ignition in traditional coal-fired power plants. The technology achieves a series of deserved glories and honors, including the largest supplier of coal-fired power plant technology and integrated system solution in China, the largest comprehensive service provider of thermal power energy conservation and environmental protection plan in China, the largest EMC service provider and steam turbine flow reconstruction EMC service provider in power industry in China …… The practice about the coal-fired power technology reform continues. The coal-fired power technology reform is raised by Guodian Tech, a listed company subordinated to China Guodian Corporation, and the integrated scientific and technological businesses of China Guodian Corporation. As the largest comprehensive service provider of China in thermal power energy conservation and environmental protection, and renewable energy solution, Guodian Tech firmly masters the development pace of times under the guidance of “One Objective, Five Chapters and Five Guodian” of China Guodian Corporation, moves forward in transformation, rises in opportunities, and expresses the beautiful prospect of scientific and technological innovation and environmental protection by vivid enterprise practice.

Behind the world advanced coal-fired power technology

The development of large units with high parameters is a key part of national energy conservation and emission reduction strategy. The “mastering double reheating technology” is an important content of 12th Five-year Plan for Energy Technology. Compared with the conventional GW level single reheating unit, the double reheating unit adds one level of reheating system to reach higher thermal cycle efficiency than that of single reheating, so as to further improve power generation efficiency, reduce coal consumption and lower power generation cost.

Guodian Taizhou GW level ultra-supercritical double reheating project (hereinafter referred to as “Guodian Taizhou Project”) was completed and put into production in September 2015, and realized the breakthrough of high-parameter large-capacity thermal power generator unit manufacturing technology. This is the world first GW-level unit adopting the ultra-supercritical double reheating technology, known as the thermal power unit with the highest generation efficiency, lowest power supply coal consumption and best environmental indexes. It provides technological demonstration for comprehensive efficiency improvement of large-capacity coal-fired power unit. Glory is created in innovation, and achievements are shown in hard work. Behind the most advanced coal-fired power technology of Guodian Taizhou Project in the world, Guodian Tech aims at the cutting edge of power technology development, focuses on breaking key core technologies through in energy field, sustainably strengthens scientific research input and R&D of new products, and accelerates the commercialization and industrial development of scientific findings.

Through hardships and with glories, Guodian Tech keeps promoting sustainable improvement of coal-fired power technology by the lofty mission of the age. Beijing Guodian Longyuan Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. boosts the cleanest coal power unit in the world by its environmental technology; the control system, known as “Chinese Brain” of Guodian Zhishen, improves the power of the most advanced unit; Yantai Longyuan Power “Burview” boiler performance analysis system leads the new height of power station energy conservation; the “cloud computing” of Beijing Huadian Tianren Power Control Co., Ltd. pushes forward the construction of intelligent power stations. More vivid practices jointly support the most advanced coal power technology in the world.

“Chinese Brain” improves the fineness of the most advanced unit

On Sept 25, 2015, the world first GW level double reheating ultra supercritical unit completed the 168h full-load test run. In the central control room of Guodian Taizhou Power Plant, the project personnel of Guodian Zhishen, subordinated to China Guodian Corporation, cheered up excitedly: “The test run works. We have another performance as the first in the world for our domestic control system!” Everyone was pleasant.
The GW level double reheating ultra supercritical unit is a thermal power unit with the most complex system structure and dynamic and static property, the most control object equipment, and the largest I/O measurement and control scale (10% more than conventional single reheating GW level unit) in the world.

The person in charge of Guodian Zhishen told the journalist of China Electric Power News: “Thus, the control system must meet requirements of high performance, large capacity, high reliability and powerful processing capacity, adapt to demands of double reheating unit production process for intelligence, complexity, large scale and precision, and realize operation & control requirements of rapid control and rapid protection.”

It is learned that Taizhou Project DCS adopts the EDPF-NT+ distributed control system independently developed by Guodian Zhishen. The core technology reaches the world leading level. Guodian Zhishen is one of the enterprises engaging in thermal power automation control system and control technology research, development and engineering service at the earliest. Its power station automation control system realizes the great breakthrough of key technical equipment localization, and is known as the “Chinese Brain” by the industry.

In recent years, Guodian Zhishen has sufficiently given play to the advantages of independent innovation, carried out scientific problem tackling and achieved the breakthrough of five key technologies. Firstly, the double reheating unit and high-performance complete automation control system (DCS) with proprietary intellectual property rights is developed and successfully applied; secondly, the double reheating unit control strategy and technology is developed and successfully applied, and the conventional control, prediction control and nonlinear control technologies are comprehensively applied to effectively solve the control difficulties of double reheating unit, such as multiple controlled parameters, powerfully cross coupling, and prominent large time delay and time lag; thirdly, the APS technology is developed and successfully applied, the unit on/off process is completed by APS, and the unit automation level realizes new breakthroughs; fourthly, the double reheating unit simulated model and high-precision and full-incentive simulated platform are developed for verification and optimization of the control strategy simulated test and provide effective methods for design and debugging of control strategy, and greatly shorten the onsite debugging period; fifthly, the safety operation protection and control plan suitable for double reheating unit is developed and applied.

Combustion control solves core difficulty of thermal power

The black box sealing design of boiler unit in Guodian Taizhou Project goes against the actual operation management and optimal operation of units. Yantai Longyuan Power Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Longyuan Power”), subordinated to Guodian Tech, undertook the boiler island design plan verification and operation performance analysis of Taizhou Project, and provided the boiler coal blending principle by evaluating the impact of coal quality change on the boiler operation security and operation economy.

Longyuan Power carried out comprehensive verification and computation for designed verification coal types, and thermal power arrangement plan of multiple load sections of the tower boiler unit in Guodian Taizhou Project, so as to verify the reasonability of boiler heating surface layout mode and heating surface dangerous point wall temperature distribution in hot temperature zones and provide detailed coal blending plan and principle according to the actual coal type demands of power plant, and meanwhile analyze the impact of coal type change on boiler security and operation economy. Longyuan Power provided professional guidance opinions for wall temperature key point monitoring after unit operation, and flame monitoring and coal pulverizing system monitoring after coal blending and combustion, as well as combustion adjustment, steam temperature control and soot blowing mode under different operating conditions, and provided technical services, such as sustainable operation economy evaluation and auxiliary diagnosis of operation failure.

The person in charge of Longyuan Power introduced to the journalist that, Longyuan Power has completed all work of the “ultra-supercritical boiler performance analysis system Burview3.0” task with independent intellectual property right, and Burview3.0 covers multiple large-scale calculation projects required for comprehensive unit performance analysis, such as boiler heating power, hydrodynamic force, wall temperature, flue gas resistance, coal grinder and coal pulverizing system. It is known that this system has won the second prize of National Energy Science and Technology Progress Award, and the first prize of China Guodian Corporation Science and Technology Progress Award. In recent years, with large-scale power construction and facing the development of energy conservation and environmental protection reconstruction technology, the more advanced product design verification tool is urgently in need. Burview3.0 system plays an important role in boiler design, performance analysis and optimization in China.

The aforesaid service of Longyuan Power is the first in China to comprehensively verify the boiler manufacturer design plan in the unit design stage. It is understood that this technical service not only makes up blankness of similar technology in China, helps to improve overall operating efficiency of China Guodian Corporation and improves competition capacity in the aspect of boiler core technology, but also helps to improve the overall design capacity and level of boiler industry in China and promote technical upgrade of the entire industry.

“Cloud computing” drives the construction of intelligent power station

Relevant experts analyzed to the journalist of China Electric Power News that, the “Cloud computing” pushed by Beijing Huadian Tianren Power Control Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Huadian Tianren”) in Guodian Taizhou Project realized high integration and intelligent design of power plant information system, and truly made the power plant production and management level approach into a new age.

Huadian Tianren subordinated to Guodian Tech adopts the independently developed Tianren Cloud Platform Management System (TRCloud1.0) to establish Taizhou Power Plant Information System Private Cloud Platform, and on that basis, realizes IT resource integration by integrated information network plans.

Meanwhile, Huadian Tianren deeply sorted out the information system of Taizhou Power Plant based on the design idea of integrated information system of “unified planning, combined design, stepped implementation and cost control”, and realized the combination of production and operation in Phase I and Phase II of Taizhou Power Plant.

The high combination and intelligent design of the plant information system will make the production and management level of the power plant approach into a new age, and truly realize closed loop production and operation and full service life management for assets, so as to reduce operation and maintenance cost, improve operating efficiency, lower accident rate and make the information system truly serve for the purpose of efficiency improvement in Taizhou power plant. While meeting intelligent management demands, improving and optimizing enterprise production, operation, management and decision making methods can improve the overall innovation capacity, economic benefits and market competition of enterprises.

Input new connotation into energy conservation and environmental protection continuously

As a technological and environmental power company, Guodian Tech keeps “technology and environmental protection” in mind since its foundation, and takes the power industry transformation development and “resource-saving and environment-friendly” society construction as the most holy duty. Along the way of energy conservation and environmental protection, Guodian Tech keeps expanding in aspects of air, water, noise and enterprise energy conservation, and comprehensively inputs new connotation into coal power energy conservation and environmental protection.

Explore industrial chain of circular economy

The Executive Meeting of the State Council held in last December decided to comprehensively implement ultralow emission and energy conservation reconstruction of coal-fired power plants before 2020 to greatly reduce power generation coal consumption and pollution emission, and provide larger market space for the energy conservation and environmental protection industry.

Beijing Guodian Longyuan Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “Longyuan Environmental”), founded in 1993, is the environmental and leading brand enterprise engaging in thermal power plant flue gas treatment at the earliest in China. Longyuan Environmental always keeps leading technology and ranks the first in the development scale of the desulfurization industry. It has ranked top continuously in total installed capacity of desulfurization units in process and in operation, and become the most famous environmental power brand. For the three indexes of new thermal power accumulated operating desulfurization and de-NOx units and thermal power plant flue gas desulfurization commissioned operation unit capacity implemented in the current year released by China Electricity Council lately, Longyuan Environmental ranks the first. This is the 11th consecutive year of the Company to acquire outstanding performance in the statistics.

As introduced by the person in charge of Guodian Taizhou Project, the flue gas desulfurization device of Taizhou Project adopts the double-circulation desulfurization technology independently developed by Longyuan Environmental subordinated by Guodian Tech, and is the first application of this technology to the GW level generator unit. The sulfur dioxide and nitric oxide emission indexes are far higher than requirements of domestic ultralow emission index, and the technology is honored by relevant experts as the most advanced energy conservation and environmental protection device in the world. Compared with the traditional single circulation technology, the double-circulation technology has advantages of energy conservation, high efficiency and powerful load adaptability, and meanwhile has more superior dust removal effect than the common desulfurization technology.

Based on the fine particle scientific excavation machine capture mechanism, Longyuan Environmental has developed the DUC functional unit that can effectively improve the dust removal effect of the desulfurization system. DUC integrates with the wet flue gas desulfurization system (the first or second generation) to realize simultaneous ultralow emission of sulfur dioxide and dust. “We call it the third generation intensified dust removal ultra-clean desulfurization D-FGD technology. It is an ultraclean desulfurization technology effectively reducing dust at the outlet of the desulfurization system, especially for fine particle concentration”, said the person in charge of Longyuan Environmental to the journalist of China Electric Power News. It is said this technology has been applied to multiple power generation enterprises, such as Guodian Fuzhou Power Generation Company.

Except the conventional environmental work in the aspect of power generation, Longyuan Environmental is actively exploring the industry chain of circular economy. The two-600MW-unit organic amine desulfurization and acid-making project of Guizhou Fuquan Power Plant has innovated advanced foreign technology, and is the largest organic amine desulfurization project in the world. The desulfurization efficiency and output sulfuric acid concentration are over 98%, realizing the integrated comprehensive utilization and multi-industry combined production of “coal, power generation, environmental protection and chemical engineering”. The project plays an important demonstrative role in resource recovery, circular economy, environmental protection, industry and technology mobilization.

Create a new age for ignition of coal power enterprises

The world first fuel-free power generator unit officially put into commercial operation is in Erdos, Inner Mongolia. It integrates many new technologies, and always ranks the first in the industry of thermal power energy conservation and emission reduction. This unit belongs to Guodian Inner Mongolia Dongsheng Co-generation Power Co., Ltd. Behind the outstanding achievement, there is great support from Longyuan Power subordinated to Guodian Tech.

As introduced by relevant person in charge, Longyuan Power makes Dongsheng Co-generation Power be the first thermal power unit without fuel system in China. The unit realizes zero fuel consumption in the debugging stage, and saves debugging fuel about 3000t; during normal operation period, due to the operation of plasma ignition system in boiler start/stop and stabilized combustion period, the unit can save nearly 600t fuel and save funds of 5 million Yuan every year. It is known that the plasma ignition and stabilized combustion technology of Longyuan Power can save large amount of fuel while saving operating expenses. The operating cost of start/stop and low-load stabilized combustion is only 10%~20% of that of fuel ignition mode. Moreover, it can enhance environmental performance, and the electrostatic precipitator can be used during the plasma ignition period to avoid environmental pollution by direct flue gas and dust emission; it can improve safety, not only eliminate personal injury and equity burn and damage accident due to fire caused by fuel, but also use image flame monitoring system of plasma ignition system to monitor furnace combustion situations in real time so as to guarantee safe operation of boiler…

Spare no efforts for wastewater treatment

Guodian Taizhou Project WTG noise reduction EPC project adopts the “damping vibration and noise reduction process” independently developed by Beijing Lucency Enviro-Tech Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Lucency”) subordinated to Guodian Tech. This technology is the originated patent technology in China realizing noise reduction from sound source, with maximum noise reduction of 30db. After the project is implemented, the noise at 1m of primary WTG shell is reduced below 85db, reaching expected noise reduction effect.

Lucency has an inventive mind in aspects of wastewater zero emission and comprehensive treatment. By overall planning for drainage of Guodian Taizhou Project, the whole plant realized water balance without discharging wastewater outside. Earlier, on the site of the “water conservation, emission reduction and wastewater zero emission” technology project in Handan, Hebei Province, the pretreatment system in Lucency zero emission system was debugged successfully.

The comprehensive wastewater treatment, recovery and utilization of Lucency is mainly shown in the following aspects. The first is to reuse high concentration wastewater in the system after treatment; the second is to reuse by different qualities after classified treatment of wastewater in the system, and reuse the coal-content wastewater after the coal water processing system to wash trestle on coal yard; the third is to reuse the domestic sewage after the sewage treatment device as greening water; the fourth is to reuse the industrial wastewater system after treatment to wet ash system. According to the analysis made by relevant experts, the desulfurization wastewater and circulating water emission treatment will be another main business growth point in the field of environmental protection in several years in future.

Show technological and environmental protection wholeheartedly

Technology boosts environmental protection, and environmental protection depends on technology. The Energy Technology Reform Innovation Action Plan (2016~2030) clearly mentions that, green and low carbon is the main direction of energy technology innovation, and centralized in clean and efficient utilization of traditional fossil energy, new energy large-scale development and utilization, nuclear safety utilization, energy Internet and large-scale energy storage as well as advanced energy device and key materials.

The firm steps show the vivid practice of technology and environmental protection made by Guodian Tech wholeheartedly: Promoting R&D of thermal power plant ultralow and ultra-ultralow emission technology, water conservation and wastewater zero emission technology, and power supply coal consumption technology for coal-fired unit; cultivating system integration advantages, and promoting the research of desulfurization and de-NOx and de-dust integrated solution, energy conservation system solution, production real-time information system, management information system, nuclear power conventional island DCS application, cloud platform and big data technology to add new profit points.

Engineering and industrialization are key and emphasis of “innovation driving development”, and the necessary path from powerful technology to powerful industry, economy and country. The technological innovation results can be truly transferred to powerful productivity after engineering is completed and industrialization is realized facing the market. United Power, founded in 2007, has become the sixth largest wind power equipment manufacturing and overall solution provider in the world. Chinese WTG manufacturers comprehensively mastered key and core technology from relying on introduction and guidance. In Guodian Taizhou project, Guodian Tech provides core DCS, energy conservation and environmental protection equipment and technology service, and integrates technology and environmental protection. In the aspect of green power plant EPC development, the two units in Hainan Ledong Power Station constructed by Longyuan Power Technology & Engineering both realized grid-connected power generation with favorable operating indexes. The construction period is only 16 months, which is the shortest period of similar projects. Longyuan Power Technology & Engineering overcame difficulties of Hami Danan Lake Project including harsh natural environment and rare construction resources, realized high standard commissioning of 1# unit according to the “four-high four-quality” requirements of China Guodian Corporation and created favorable level in domestic similar unit engineering construction. Since starting international business in 2006, Guodian Tech has accumulatively exported electric power environmental protection and energy conservation equipment and new energy equipment to 33 countries and regions with valid contract of RMB 3.742 billion, showing the social responsibilities of energy environmental protection enterprises of China and clean production level of power industry in China to the world.

The Energy Reform Innovation Action Plan (2016~2030) emphasized, in the section of “Coal Clean and Efficient Utilization Technology Innovation”, to further improve conventional coal power parameter level, actively develop new coal-based power generation technology, and comprehensively improve the efficiency level of coal power; develop new technologies such as pollutant integrated removal, ceaselessly improve pollution control efficiency, and reduce pollution control cost and energy consumption.

Guodian Tech never stops cultivating employees for coal power technology. In the aspect of ultralow and ultra-ultralow emission technology, Guodian Tech, combining national technology support plan subject of Ministry of Science and Technology, organized technology research reaching ultralow and ultra-ultralow emission index, and provided low cost technical proposal. In the aspect of water conservation and wastewater zero emission technology, Guodian Tech will organize researches on coal-fired power plant water conservation technology to reach water source stepped efficient utilization; organize study on wastewater treatment technology application, and confirm the wastewater zero emission technology route suitable for coal-fired thermal power plant. In the aspect of coal-fired unit power supply coal consumption reduction, Guodian Tech studies different technical transformation routes according to different situations of subcritical and supercritical unit, and carry out technical transformation to make average power supply coal consumption of unit reduce below 310g/kwh and meet national requirements for average power supply coal consumption indexes.

While referring to the technological innovation target of the “13th Five-year Plan”, Yang Guang, the Secretary of Leading Party Committee and Chairman of Guodian Tech, told the journalist of China Electric Power News that, by the end of the “13th Five-year Plan”, the thermal power plant ultralow emission control technology level will reach the leading level of domestic industry; the plasma ignition, desulfurization and de-NOx and power plant automatic control system keeps internationally leading; plasma ultralow nitrogen combustion technology, water treatment, production real-time information system and management information system technology level realizes internationally advanced level; research on large-scale energy storage technology and mercury removal technology makes great progress; power plant water conservation and wastewater zero-emission technology is applied in large scale. The future is prosperous and the opportunity is favorable. On the way of promoting energy reform in China, Guodian Tech will continuously respond to the call of times for China electric power industry, act as the model for difficulty solving, serve as the responsible person for green development, and hold high the banner of “green technology and global sharing”, and move forward with higher spirits and firmer will.

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