The First “Guodian Tech Cup” Basketball Game was Held Successfully

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In the closing speech, Chen Dongqing pointed out that, all units should take the opportunity to further strengthen communication, and reach the purpose of gathering will, rising spirits and team work, as well as enjoying games, exercising body, working and living happily. Chen wished all leaders and employees could extend the passion and spirits of persistence, hardworking, courage and teamwork to work, and make new and greater contribution to the healthy development of Guodian Tech.

In the 36-day games, totally 9 teams, including the Head Office and Beijing-based subsidiaries, played 13 fierce games in 6 rounds. Finally, the team of Longyuan Environmental, United Power, Guodian Zhishen and Huadian Tianren advanced to semi-finals. Longyuan Environmental, Huadian Tianren and Guodian Zhishen respectively won the champion, second place and third place.

The closing ceremony started from the friendly game between China Guodian Corporation United and Guodian Tech United. Players of both teams spared no efforts in the game. The cheerleaders comprised of 200 audiences from the Head Office and subsidiaries of Guodian Tech raised the slogans and shouted loudly to cheer up players, and enjoy passion and pleasure brought about by games. In the beginning, both teams were in see-saw game. One team is steady and experienced, and the other team is young and passionate. The score rises closely. In the latest minute, China Guodian Corporation United shot accurately and tied with Guodian Tech United. Both teams ended up with a tie, sufficiently showing the spirit of “friendship first and competition second”.

In the final game of “Guodian Tech Cup”, the splendid game between Longyuan Environmental and Huadian Tianren pushed the event up to a new height. Audiences cheered loudly for the accurate pass, tacit coordination, artful shooting and precise joint defense of players. The game turned white-hot. Finally, Longyuan Environmental won the game by 21 points higher based on steady defense and valid attack.

Finally, Li Shaoqing from Huadian Tianren, Yan Nan from Guodian Tech Head Office, Luo Feng from Longyuan Environmental, Sun Yuhao from Huadian Tianren and Zheng Ran from Guodian Zhishen, respectively won the honor of top scorer, top rebounder, top assistant, top blocked shot and steals; Yang Tianqi from Longyuan Environmental won the highest individual reward “MVP”. Wang Dong, Chu Jingyu, Fu Yanqiu and Chen Dongqing presented prizes for the top three teams and players winning the single award respectively.

This basket game was sponsored by Labor Union and Basket Association of Guodian Tech, and undertaken by Labor Union of Guodian Zhishen. It is the first ball game of Guodian Tech. All players carried forward the sport spirits of teamwork, courage and competition, and performed high level and friendship in the game. The game practised the enterprise vision of “Home Stage Dream”, showed the high spirits of keeping forward and despising difficulties, and achieved the double-winning of results and spirits.

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