Huadian Tianren High Voltage Permanent Magnet Synchronous Pitch Control System realized Fault-free Operation for 600 Days

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It is reported on July 5 that the high-voltage permanent magnet synchronous wind power pitch control system independently researched and produced by Huadian Tianren has safely and stably operated for 600 days without failure since October 2014 when started grid-connected power generation in Shangdu Wind Farm, Ulanqab, Inner Mongolia. It is praised by clients by outstanding performance.

This system adopts pitch controller integrating AC servo drive, PLC, backup power charge/discharge management and 24V power source to realize high integration level and reduce failure point of pitch system; adopts permanent magnet synchronous motor and vector control to improve system control accuracy, system rapidity, stability and anti-jamming capacity and improve the MTBF level of entire unit and sufficiently meet the demands of clients. In large power and super power WTG unit operation, the operating cost of high voltage permanent magnetic synchronous pitch system is lower than that of the traditional low voltage system, and its market competitiveness is better.

Huadian Tianren started the research and development of high voltage wind power permanent magnet synchronous pitch control system since May 2013, and put it into operation since June 2014. So far, the system has produced and delivered 24 sets of systems. The technology has got two patents for utility model.

Currently, the high-voltage permanent magnetic synchronous pitch control system technology has been successfully applied to Guodian 3MW large blade, 2MW-121 Unit, Envision 2MW-121 and 2MW-115 Unit, and it gained unanimous praise. It rapidly seizes the wind power pitch market, proving that the research level and quality reliability of pitch products have reached an advanced level in China.

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