Longyuan Power Successfully Signed First Contract on Information and Industrial Automation Industry Expansion Project

发布时间:2016-07-13 作者:Mu Jingyu 文章来源:Longyuan Power 【打印本页】 字号:【

On July 13, Longyuan Power won the bid for IT infrastructure construction project of Yantai Darbond Technology Co., Ltd. ,and successfully signed the first technical project contract.

The scope of this project is fundamental network construction, software framework establishment and data center construction of Yantai Darbond Technology Co., Ltd. Longyuan Power won the bid successfully among multiple suppliers by its professional team and outstanding comprehensive solution advantages. Currently, the Company has received advance money and started actual operation such as equipment procurement, marking substantial progress of Longyuan Power in expanding business in information and industrial automation industry.

The technology and market prospect of information and industrial automation industry is promising. The signing of the contract further expands scope of technical service, sets up a typical demonstration and improves market influence of Longyuan Power in the field of information and industrial automation, and actively promotes the industrial expansion of the Company.

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