[Newsletter] United Power: Training and Harvest from Service Efficiency Improvement

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In the 9 years since the foundation, United Power has accumulatively implemented 296 projects and installed 9079 units. The wind farms it has served cover most provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in China, most of which are in remote area and have severe site conditions. The problems how to overcome difficulties and greatly improve service efficiency have become serious problems that United Power faces.

China Guodian Corporation fully cares about and supports the development of United Power, and has successively issued documents, such as Guiding Opinions on Further Normalizing Cooperative Relation between China Guodian Corporation Wind Power Enterprises and United Power, Transformation Development Plan of Guodian United Power Technology Company Limited and Guiding Opinions on Environmental Protection Companies’ Carrying Out Business of China Guodian Corporation, to propose clear requirements for the quality service of United Power.

United Power deeply feels the severer situation and pressure from competition for development. United Power must actually and efficiently improve the quality and service level of WTG, and realize the breakthrough of quality so as to remain invincible under fierce industrial competition. Therefore, United Power mobilizes all employees to deeply implement the document spirits of China Guodian Corporation, and carefully analyzes internal and external situations the Company faces. United Power totally held four themed meetings to study after-sales service system construction, clarify the development strategy from manufacturing industry to manufacturing service industry, implement one-stop service mode and supporting management system, and spare no efforts to promote ideology transformation of all employees. All employees shall firmly establish the awareness of “Quality service is the life of enterprise, and quality service is the soul of enterprise” and decide to achieve service improvement by courage and perseverance.

Improve quality service management and control capability “diligently”

Since 2015, United Power has taken the lead to practise and innovate management mode and management method aiming at problems of quality management and control loopholes, weak service awareness, scattered resources and low service efficiency in remote areas such as Yunnan and Guizhou.

Firstly, United Power shall focus on “quickness”, clarify Marketing Support Center as the window department of service complaint, set up the service hotline of 4006053999, comprehensively arrange service resources, make sure to “propose temporary solutions in 24h” and “form a thorough solution in 72h” for difficulty failure. The crane for large part replacement shall arrive in 3 days, and large parts shall arrive in 7 days. 10 days shall be the base line of assessment. Every problem shall be solved in 15 days.

Secondly, United Power shall focus on “prevention”. United Power has acquired TUV wind power service system certification, the global consistency standard of TUV Rheinland Germany, and begun to promote to cover all wind farms from 2016 to normalize daily operation plan system of wind farms, solidify conventional default lists and the corresponding disposal methods, and realize defect management standardization. Currently, the standard processing documents for over 100 failures have been prepared to effectively guarantee the improvement of service efficiency.

Thirdly, United Power shall focus on “personnel”, establish the wage-performance linkage assessment mechanism and provide preferential policies for central district managers and site managers to show demonstration effect and stabilize the service team; formulate operation capacity evaluation table for site service personnel, and make experiments on employee serving for one year to evaluate operation capacity, theory and knowledge level, working hour accounting benefits and job quality and deficiency, and formulate targeted personnel capacity improvement plan.

At last, United Power shall focus on “implementation”, formulate the service efficiency assessment method, and strictly require functional departments of production, quality, technology and supply chain, as well as production subsidiary and Guodian Sida, to finish replacing large parts in 10 days and carrying out 360° overtime shutdown accountability assessment to effectively improve service efficiency.

Create site service efficiency highlights “patiently”

From basic-level employees to the management level, United Power raises service capacity improvement to the level of honor, and solves every problem in the end to explain careful and responsible service by patience. From 2016, the leadership enters the front line by regional division to solve site service and specific problems involved in large part replacement item by item, starting from solving problems in in-depth survey in Yunnan till the owners are satisfied. The middle-level management of United Power, around the one-stop service system, comprehensively solves various problems affecting services weekly and monthly, clarifies the responsible person and completion time, and strictly assesses the problems of incomplete and halfway implementation. The site service team spares no pains to stick to the post day and night, regardless of severe weather, to show quality service to owners. Since this year, the leaders, middle-level management and site personnel of United can be seen in anoxic plateau or dry Gobi Desert in any season, laying a firm foundation for the improvement of service efficiency.

In mid Summer with strong wind, the triumphant news about service efficiency keeps pouring in. In 2016, United Power, under the guidance of China Guodian Corporation, has taken the opportunity of “reading the story of Datong and promoting practice and innovation” to lead all employees to transform ideology, and focus on quality and service improvement. In recent three months, the Company has acquired outstanding performance. In March, April and May, the times of large part failure and replacement are respectively 6, 5 and 3, on a monthly downtrend; the rate of large part failure per thousand units per month is reduced to 0.48 times/thousand unit/month, the lowest in history; the average one-time replacement times are respectively 7.2 days, 3.4 days and 2.7 days. The highest replacement speed in every month is refreshed, and the average speed per 15 days is low to 82% in the industry. United Power becomes the benchmark enterprise in the industry.

The will is firmer through hardships, and the way of hardworking is long. Up to now, United Power has achieved great performance. However, in order to become the international first-class overall wind power solution provider, the Company needs continuous efforts. In the road of future development, United Power will guard against arrogance, continuously solve problems by “determination, diligence and patience”, follow the “Five Chapters” under the guidance of “One Objective, Five Chapters and Five Guodian”, and work hard to become the international first-class overall wind power solution provider.

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