United Power was Nominated for UNIDO Blue Sky Award

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It is reported on July 13 that United Power’s “UP2000-115 low wind speed WTG unit research” project relying on its advanced technology, stood out among 100 candidate technologies in the world, and won the nomination award of “Blue Sky Award for the Advanced Technology in Global Renewable Energy Field with Most Investment Value” organized by United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) .

United Power UP2000-115 unit is the product with the largest swept area among mass-produced 2MW double-fed WTG units in the world. Over 600 units have been applied successfully to over 30 low wind speed wind farm projects in 13 provinces and regions in Central Eastern, Northwest part of China. The unit has become a main unit type of United Power in low wind speed market. Compared with conventional 2MW WTG units, the power generating capacity of UP2000-115 low speed wind power unit improves over 10%, and it brings higher return on investment and lower KWH cost.

The person in charge of United Power said the award won by UP2000-115 unit shows that innovation-driven development provides a clear path for United Power to improve its core competitiveness. United Power has started to build platform design mode and improve system innovation capacity so as to achieve constant technology breakthrough and sustainably improve product quality and performance. With the technology upgrading period shortened, United Power will use internet technology to create a service platform based on unified system, to provide interactive use experience, rapidly solve field problems and continuously improve client satisfaction.

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