Guodian Tech 2016 Mid-year Working Conference Held

Spare no efforts for quality, efficiency and system improvement, and to guarantee successful completion of the objectives of the entire year

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On July 19, Guodian Tech held 2016 Mid-year Working Conference to implement spirits of 2016 Mid-year Conference of China Guodian Corporation, summarize work in the first half year, analyze current situations, arrange and deploy work in the second half year, spare no efforts for quality, efficiency and system improvement, and push Guodian Tech move toward the healthy and sustainable development way. The conference laid firm foundation for realizing the work objectives of the entire year.

Yang Guang, Secretary of leading Party group and Chairman of Guodian Tech made an important speech in the conference, Chen Dongqing, the member of leading Party group and General Manager made a work report, and Cai Zhaowen, the member of leading Party group and Deputy General Manager made a report analyzing economic activities in the first half year. Chen Dongqing and Tang Chaoxiong presided over the conference respectively. He Lili announced the decision on reward 2015 advanced units and advanced individuals. Leaders of Guodian Tech, including Zhang Xiaodong, Yang Dong, Tang Jian, Zhu Jingchun and Li Caiyun attended the conference.

The conference fully affirmed the work of Guodian Tech since this year, deeply analyzed current situations, and clarified key work and specific requirements for next step.

Yang Guang fully affirmed the achievements made by the Company in the first half year in his speech. Yang pointed out that Guodian Tech actively coped with complex and severe operating situations, closely combined quality and efficiency improvement with “One Objective, Five Chapters and Five Guodian” strategy implementation and “dual promotion” under correct leadership of leading Party group of China Guodian Corporation. He made more clear that the Company shall develop awareness of quality, benefits and honesty, firmly optimize structure and system, strive to develop advantaged business and fields, accelerate the integration of supporting industrial chain, comprehensively improve product quality and service level, and improve market competitiveness. Yang said, the Company shall make market reform according to “two levels of governance structure and property relation, three aspects of management system, operating mechanism and equity structure”, strive to realize value appreciation; strengthen party building work assessment, consolidate the results of Party style and clean government construction, and transfer the Party’s advantages to competitive advantages for boosting reform and development. In the first half of the year, the Company obviously increased its operating profits, made staged progress for important and difficult work, and realized the improvement of operating performance.

When analyzing the situations, Yang pointed out the economic downturn pressure is increasing, and excessive capacity is prominent; the manufacturing industry is “large but not strong”, so its transformation and upgrading is necessary; green and low carbon development is the trend, and opportunities and challenges coexist; the state-owned fund and state-owned enterprises reform advances rapidly, and power market reform is conducted in an all-round way; the internal problems of the Company still need to be solved thoroughly, and its core competitiveness need to be improved.Yang emphasized that each department and each unit should learn and implement spirits of mid-year conference of China Guodian Corporation, enhance the sense of responsibility and urgency, accurately master reform trend, devise a long-term plan, and work hard to promote system, improve quality and efficiency, firm the confidence and resolution to develop the Company, and make sure to complete operating tasks.

For the work in the second half of the year, Yang Guang put forward that Guodian Tech should comprehensively implement the spirits of 18th CPC Central Committee and all plenary sessions, carefully implement the spirits of 2016 Worker’s Conference and Mid-year Conference of China Guodian Corporation, insist on the key tone of seeking improvement and optimization in stability, implement the strategy of “One Objective, Five Chapters and Five Guodian” and “Dual Promotion”, focus on 3 performances indicatators: development, operation and safety, and push Guodian Tech toward the way of healthy and sustainable development. To meet the above requirements, the first is to carry out strategic planning and promote healthy and sustainable development of the Company, and further clarify enterprise and product orientation; the second is to refine the system and guarantee the improvement of quality and efficiency; face problems and difficulties positively, and firm the confidence; strengthen execution, and enhance task implementation; promote industrial cooperation, and strengthen internal coordination; the third is to follow the strategy of transformation development, and drive the operation and growth; steadily push forward “Dual Promotion” and make sure the Company’s standardized operation; insist on technological innovation, and realize the transformation of achievements; strengthen market analysis, and improve market expansion ability; attach importance to high quality projects development, innovate business mode and dig emerging growth point; the fourth is to follow the strategy of team building, and motivate endogenous power and development vitality of the Company; keep carrying forward the implementation of “four key points”, promote substantial progress of “three innovative points”, continuously strengthen “three basic points”, and comprehensively strengthen organization system construction, and building of leadership and highly competent team; the fifth is to follow the strategy of Party style and clean government, and comprehensively enhance Party building; take the main responsibility of Party self-discipline, strictly implement “two responsibilities” of Party style and clean government construction, strengthen basic-root Party organization construction, deeply carry out “studying CPC constitution, spirits of President Xi Jinping’s important speeches, and acting as a qualified Party member”, enhance harmonious enterprise construction, practically guarantee legal rights of employees and prevent unstable events from happening. The role of public organization shall be played to unify leaders and employees and carry out extensive youth innovation and efficiency creation activities.

Chen Dongqing pointed out in his work report that in the first half of the year, Guodian Tech implemented the “One Objective, Five Chapters and Five Guodian” strategy in deep-going way under the guidance of development ideas of “innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing”, sturdily carry out “dual promotion”, keep firmly mastering the overall tone of “seeking for improvement and optimization in stability”, unswervingly accelerate refining system and deepening transformation development; further stabilise safety production foundation, and ceaselessly improve operation management and control efficiency. The system refining moved forward steadily despite difficulties, project implementation of every business block was under control, market expands rapidly, project development made active progress, management and control ideas and systems became clear gradually, and stable development of the enterprise was realized.

Chen analyzed situations faced and problems exist, and he said the Company’s operation and development environment changed radically, and various adverse factors such as economic downturn, sluggish market, excess capacity and policy regulation were overlapped, making situations more severe and complex. Each department and unit should serioully analyze, scientifically study, seize the opportunity and face the challenge; The Company should actively practice the core strategy of “One Objective, Five Chapters and Five Guodian”, clarify target tasks, highlight key work, strive to complete work objectives of the entire year and realize transformation of the Company.

Chen proposed eight requirements for key work in the second half of the year. The first is to fullfil safety responsibility, and lay firm foundation of safety management; comprehensively check safety production responsibility implementation of each unit, carry out infrastructure safety overhaul and safety inspection in Autumn and Winter, carry out safety warning education, push forward system implementation, strengthen emergency management, and continuously carry out safety standard construction; the second is to deepen quality and efficiency improvement, and guarantee the completion of operating task of the year; sustainably and deeply push forward “dual promotion”, greatly reduce occupation of “finished product fund and account receivable”, implement refined management, focus on comprehensive governance of key enterprises, and intensify internal audit supervision; the third is to accelerate refining system, and guarantee assets disposal task be finished as scheduled; the fourth is to make innovation as the drive power, and cultivate new business growth point; mainly develop five scientific research projects, expand new business in aspects of engineering EPC, WTG operation and maintenance, and power and electronic information market; the fifth is to implement the guidance opinions, and take initiative in market development; consolidate internal market, and further expand market outside the system, and accelerate the implementation of bidding coordination mechanism; the sixth is to innovate systems and mechanism, and release endogenous power of enterprise development; optimize management mode and organizational structure, promote full coverage of performance assessment system, build stereoscopic talent retention and incentive system, and explore open market mechanism reform pilots; the seventh is to strengthen “going abroad” strategy, and improve international competitiveness; actively carry out international exchange, explore overseas business mode, and enlarge the number of competent people for overseas business ; the eighth is to deepen “studying CPC Constitution, spirits of President Xi Jinping’s important speeches, and acting as a qualified Party member”, fulfill the responsibility of strengthening Party self-discipline; comprehensively implement “two responsibilities”, focus on the “key minority” of leaders, enhance awareness of enterprise governance, accelerate changing enterprise governance ideas, consciously practice requirements of “Three-Strictness and Three-Solidness”, restrict rebounding of “four work styles”, constantly strengthen style construction, and push the company to a new stage with the new achievements in work style building.

Chen also proposed three requirements for implementing the conference spirits. The first is to study, spread and carefully implement spirits of the conference; enhance sense of responsibility and urgency, further unify ideas, improve awareness, unify ideas to analyze and judge current situations, unify specific actions to conference spirits and decision deployment, actively and consciously practice and implement the spirits and deployment; further firm confidence and revivify spirits, accurately learn the change of situations, effectively control enterprise operation, sturdily promote work in various aspects and guarantee annual objective realized as scheduled; the second is to focus on core targets, and firmly promote quality and efficiency improvement; insist on strategic orientation, highlight quality benefits, sustainably optimize assets structure and technological innovation, and strive to refine system; strengthen safety work, firmly develop broad safety idea, strengthen red line awareness and baseline thinking, strictly implement overall deployment of “five focuses”, comprehensively control the work of safety production, environmental protection, clean government, stability and law-based enterprise governance, and avoid key safety events spoil the image of China Guodian Corporation and Guodian Tech; highlight “implementation and effectiveness”, break down key tasks of the department and unit according to annual objectives and work progress, further implement timetable, assignment and responsible person, strengthen implementation by time, task countdown and responsibility traceability, and guarantee the work be fully implemented; the third is to comprehensively and strictly strengthen Party self-discipline, and guarantee the completion of annual objectives; each level of Party organization should take Party building as its top priority, and firmly implement decisions and deployment made by the Party Central Committee, leading Party group of China Guodian Corporation and Guodian Tech, comprehensively strengthen Party building and ideological and political work, strictly implement “two responsibilities”, carefully perform “two responsibilities for one post”, and make sure jointly deploy, check and assess the operation and development of the enterprise; highlight “studying CPC Constitution, spirits of President Xi Jinping’s important speeches, and acting as a qualified Party member”, Consolidate “four awareness”, realize “following politics, rules, morality and dedication, and be faithful, disciplined, behavioral and capable”, and truly transfer the political, organizational and public work advantages of Party organization of state-owned enterprises to the competition, innovation and scientific development advantages of Guodian Tech.

Leaders of the Company made respective speeches and work summaries based on their responsibilities, deployed the further work, and proposed important suggestions on relevant work. In the conference, Guodian Tech 2015 advanced units and advanced individuals were rewarded; the Plan and Development Department and Technology Management Department made themed speeches, and all subsidiaries of the Company exchanged opinions and delivered speeches.

General manager assistants, deputy chief engineers of the Company, middle management personnel of head office, main persons in charge of Party and politics in each subsidiary attended the conference.

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